Data Recovery Cost for Hard Drive, RAID, Servers, SSD & Flash Drives

The most common question for recovery is regarding the data recovery cost or charges that are applicable to restore data from the hard drive or media. The recovery price-list for any storage media depends on the following 3 factors:

  1. Kind of Drive or Media: Laptop or Desktop/ PC and Portable hard disk drives (HDD) / SSD / SSHD , Server recovery or RAID-like SAS and SCSI hard drives / Flash drive like memory cards / SD cards. Every storage media has to be handled differently and hence charges varies.
  2. Kind of Damages on Media: Either basic deleted recovery or formatted Logical issues, Board damages, Firmware issues, CRC I/O Errors, Media or Physical damages, the data recovery cost varies on how simple or how complex is the damage.
  3. Technology and Time Dedication, Data Recovery Levels: 

          Level 1: Deleted / Formatted issues can be completed in 1 or 2 days at basic charges.
          Level 2: Hardware level issues like firmware or CRC errors would take about 2 to 5 days at medium or low cost.
          Level 3: Physical  or media level issues take about 5 to 15 days of time & cost of donor drives, lab level work in Bangalore will be involved during the recovery process.


Hard Disk – HDD, SSD & SSHD Data Recovery Cost

Estimated data recovery cost for Laptop / Desktop PC / Portable Hard drives (HDD), Solid state drives (SATA SSD), Solid State Hybrid Hard Drives (SSHD) & Camera Hard Disk Drives.

Media Type: Hard Disk HDD / SATA SSD / SSHD (PATA, ATA, SATA, 1.8″,2.5″,3.5″ HDD, USB 2.0 & 3.0 or External portable hard drives)

Brands: Seagate Expansion and Backup, Western Digital Elements & Passport series, Toshiba Canvio, Hitachi, HGST, Samsung, Fujitsu, Maxtor, HP, IBM, Quantum, IOmega, Transcend, Dell, Lenovo, Lacie and all brands of personal hard drives are covered in the following data recovery cost.

Hard Disk – HDD, SSD & SSHD Data Recovery

Encrypted Drive Recovery Price-List

Hard Drive HDD and Solid State Drives SSD, SSHD cheap data recovery cost for Encryption like Bit-locker, PGP, Symantec endpoint encryption, True-crypt, McAfee encryption, Checkpoint, FileVault of Macintosh drives, Safeguard, EFS, Sofos encryption and other password protected drives.

Media Type: Hard Disk HDD / SSD / SSHD (PATA, ATA, SATA, 1.8″,2.5″,3.5″ HDD, USB 2.0 & 3.0 or external portable hard drives)

Encrypted Hard Drive & SSD Recovery